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Dr. Haley Luond

Dr. Haley Luond


Growing up in Ipswich, SD, I played every sport available to me. The memories, the friendships, and the lessons learned throughout my seasons played are incredibly valuable to me. However, it all would not have been possible without the numerous chiropractic adjustments I had to get me back into alignment and increase my performance for the next day. This all ignited a  passion in me for chiropractic, making it the clear path for my future since I was a sophomore in high school. 


I went to play Division 1 Junior college at Lake Region State University for 2 years and then attended Northern State University in Aberdeen, SD where I earned my Bachelor's degree. God had taken me to San Jose, CA where I attended Palmer College of Chiropractic West where I was immersed into a huge sports program that provided me with opportunities to work with a multitude of different athletes at a variety of sporting events. I was learning and treating anywhere from the Nike Run under the San Francisco Bridge to the Valor Games, treating and honoring veterans, listening to their inspiring and eye-opening war stories. My peers and I would also treat at many Iron Man and volleyball tournaments in Santa Cruz. 


Now, I love treating all types of patients. It truly brings me joy when I’m given the opportunity to  pray with a patient or introduce a patient to my dear friend and Heavenly father, Jesus. Although treating patients and helping them live their best, pain free lives has continued to be a passion of mine, building personal relationships and honoring those throughout the time a patient spends in the office is just as important to me. I also have loved sponsoring and spending time helping out with Lennox sports on the sidelines. 


One of the most common sayings I hear in the offices is, “It hurts so good,” a phrase I have come to love. Not only does it let me know that I am doing my job when I hear a patient say it, but I find it to be such an accurate depiction of chiropractic care itself – a second of discomfort for a lifetime of increased mobility and decreased pain. 


I enjoy spending time with my two Huskies, Kota and Becks on the weekend and hugging my nieces and nephews as much as possible.